Friday, July 20, 2007

Caroline Takes Pictures Too

Last weekend we spent Saturday afternoon putting Caroline's new bed together. I took my camera into her room to take a picture of her "helping" Jeff. Well, I left the camera in the room and when Jeff and I weren't in there, she decided to take some pictures of her own. Now, mind you, this was before I took any of the toy pictures (she hasn't seen me take any of them, anyway) so she came up with the subjects of the photographs on her own. Here are her results:

A blurry one of her new bed with tiger and her little puppy on it.
A head shot of the doll she calls Purple.
A couple more shots of Purple.

And, finally, my personal favorite because her fat little foot is in it.

This is the first time she has taken pictures with our camera without us being there to supervise. I think it's funny that she took a picture of the bottom bunk and then took the time to climb up to the top to take some of Purple. I caught her as she was on her way down the ladder carrying the camera. Who knows how many more pictures we would have if I hadn't walked in. I almost wish I hadn't, just to see what else she would have photographed. :) Maybe I'll "accientally" leave the camera out another time and see what she does.

Jeff and I have both caught her taking pictures with Jeff's phone. I walked through the living room one evening and saw her holding it up, so I asked, "Caroline, what are you doing?" and she replied very matter-of-fact without looking away from the phone, "taking pictures." I said, "You know how to take pictures with Dad's phone?" "Uh-huh."

I'll put some pictures of her new room up sometime soon after we've finished a few more things. She likes the new bed a lot. When I tell her it's time to play in her room, she plays on the top bunk. She said one time, "I am going to play on the top one and pretend it's a ship!"

We'll try to write more later and tell you all about the tots tennis camp she went to this week . . . :)


  1. Capturing life's moments with the click of a button is a joy. Caroline has discovered an exciting world. I can tell that she loves to be a grown-up on par with her brilliant parents. I'm glad that she captured Purple's ever-present smile.

    Insight to a child's delight is delighting in and of itself.

    Love you all! See you tomorrow.

  2. I have a roll of film from a trip to the Denver Zoo when I was about 5. Almost every picture is blurry, or contains more ground than animal. I also took a picture of my best friend which was in 3 segments.

    You should buy her a disposable camera for the would be interesting.


  3. Caroline has many hidden talents, and, it appears, her aunt Libby's foot. I'm excited for her to get to see Amma and Krapa soon.

    Love Autn K