Monday, September 3, 2007

"Sometimes I don't know what to do when my dad's not here."

Caroline has become extremely sensitive to Jeff being gone lately. Even on days when he's just at the office, she sighs and says, "I miss my dad," or "I wish Dad would come home." If she's awake as he's leaving she'll take a dramatic turn and cry for him as he says goodbye.

The other day she was restless and fidgety and came to sit on my lap. She said the usual, "I miss Daddy," and then she added, "Sometimes I don't know what to do when my dad's not here." The sweet thing is--though she's quite the drama queen sometimes--I can tell she really means it.

On the other hand, there are times when it seems she just wants a good cry. Like the other day when we were both in a public bathroom stall (a place in which she's always extremely talkative), she got really pathetic and teary-eyed and stuck out her bottom lip and informed me,

"I missed you when I was in your tummy!"
"I couldn't see you and I missed you!"(And she actually dropped a few tears--amazing.)

I assured her that she was just fine when she was in my tummy and there was no reason to be sad about it now.

I seriously wonder sometimes if she might have a career in [melo]drama.


  1. Too funny! I don't think I could keep from laughing...which is probably not the kind of encouragement she needs:)

  2. Every girl needs a good cry once in a while. :) Even if it's because she missed her mommy when she was in her tummy.

  3. When you were in your mommy's tummy, I'm sure you missed her too!