Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More Little Faces

Update: You can see pictures here.


Well, I'm having a hard time deciding which pictures will make the final cut and blogger is having a hard time uploading the ones I was going to share . . . so here is a picture of pictures--a fridge full of Caroline faces--my "proofs," if you will. :) If you click on the image, you should be able to get a pretty good view of most of the pictures.

I like the fridge proofing because having all of the pictures up there at once allows me to see pretty easily which ones are better than others.

We had a lot of fun taking these today--it was a beautiful day (but just a little bit windy). And the place we discovered--the Texas Sculpture Garden--is really pretty (and the art is cool, too). When trying to think of a place to take her picture here in Frisco, I started to miss Greenville and all of its natural beauty. A few years ago, I took my sister Stefani's senior pictures at Falls Park on the Reedy River in downtown Greenville and you couldn't ask for a more accessible or picturesque setting. Well, the sculpture garden here (located in a sprawling office complex, of all places) is so beautifully landscaped with weeping willows and big stones and little ponds and green grass--it made for a great backdrop. And it makes me glad to know there's a pretty place with a good walking path where Caroline and I can come and enjoy nature. The path flows really well, keeps you interested and wondering what's coming up next. Caroline loved spotting something in the distance (usually big rocks) and wondering how to get to it. Basically, I just followed her around as she ran and explored, and we stopped here and there for a few (well, a few at a time) shots.

I really enjoy taking my own pictures--it's fun to be outside on a pretty day and see what I can capture, I only have to pay for printing, and I can play around with the pictures on my computer and have more control over the outcome. Caroline likes it this way too. Except for a few complaints, she was all smiles and pretty much just thought we were playing the whole time. She got to pick flowers, climb on rocks, jump, run in the grass, and see two turtles.

Up until this point, she has only had her picture "formally" done once a year, but I think we'll start doing it four times a year--once every season, as a little tradition. We'll get more pictures and have a chance to wear more outfits this way. :)

Be looking for a little Caroline face to show up in your mailbox soon!


  1. She looks so grown up! (at least in the ones where you can't see her little baby teeth)

    And are those some of the magnets you made?

  2. Those are not the magnets--actually some little round ball magnets I got at Wal Mart a long time ago. And below the pictures are some magnets I made out of stickers I got from belle and boo. But after the holidays I think the recently made magnets will make an appearance on the blog. :)

  3. I need to get a professional pic of Kate--can you believe I have not yet? I am such a slacker--it is the whole committed to the appointment thing again...i like the idea of every season--doesn't marry you to one date (e.g., her birthday, when everything is crazy), but does maximize seeing her change. They are only this little once...