Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Portrait of a Lady We Met Today, by Caroline

There is a lot I would like to write about and catch up on (like Caroline's 4th birthday!), but for now I just have to share a little something that made me smile today.

Caroline and I had to go to the local Department of Public Safety this afternoon to get my driver's license renewed. As is always the case in places like these, there was a long waiting line. For a while Caroline chatted with a very friendly elderly lady who was in line behind us and liked Caroline's "beautiful brown eyes." After she had filled the lady in on her age, recent birthday party, etc., the conversation died down a bit and Caroline decided she'd like to write. She took a little mini notebook over to a desk, worked on a drawing for a little bit, and then came over to tell me, "I drew a picture for her [pointing to the lady behind us]. See--it has her thing what she uses to walk with. I knew what shape it was. But when I taked it out, it teared--see?"

Caroline was upset that it had ripped and so she decided to draw another one. The lady was very pleased with the second drawing and how Caroline had written her own name on it so nicely and how sweet she was to make a picture for her and how impressive it was that she even drew the cane.

I wonder if she would have been as flattered by the first attempt? Not only did it have the lady's cane, but it also showed her pointy, crooked teeth in detail. :)

She didn't draw the teeth in the second one, and I was relieved. :)


  1. LOL! This is great Amber!! I have missed your posts lately.

  2. so funny! I'm glad you're back to blogging!


  3. Oh no! Another post that made me laugh out loud!! :) Glad you got the birthday present. I was crossing my fingers that you weren't traveling and would be home for them to be fresh!!

  4. I need another updated post... :) Need to laugh out loud. hehe