Thursday, July 3, 2008


We watched the US Open as a family a couple of weeks ago when it was on. Caroline paid close attention each time Tiger Woods was golfing and cheered when he did well.

The following Monday, right after the Open had finally been decided, she and I were sitting at Firehouse Subs eating lunch and the tv there was on with the news. Caroline was watching political coverage very closely for some reason, which led her to ask, "Mama, does Barack Obama play golf?"

It was funny enough to hear her say "Barack Obama," but I was especially amused that she wanted to know about his golf game. Later Jeff asked why she wondered that, and she said, "because he has brown skin like Tiger Woods."

At the dinner table the other night, Jeff told Caroline that he had just seen some pictures on the computer from when she was a baby. He said, "You were holding your tiger and he was white!" (Her stuffed white tiger, which she has had since birth, is no longer white but grey after being dragged around for four years.)

Caroline missed the point of what he was saying, though. She looked at him incredulously and said, "He used to be white?!" She thought he was talking about the other Tiger. :)


  1. hahahaha! I am SO looking forward to Branson and hearing some of these fun "quotes" in life!

  2. This story is sooo funny and very reminiscent of Owen's way of looking at things. Actually, Owen's even made a comparison between Tiger and the president before too =].