Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Flower Girl Duties and Finding her Future Husband (?)

In August Caroline was the flower girl at my cousin Molly's wedding. There was no ringbearer in the procession, so Caroline walked down the aisle all by herself and came and stood by me (I was the matron of honor). At one point during the ceremony I looked down and Caroline was stretched out on her stomach, straining forward--I thought in order to get a better view of Molly and Jonathan. Later I found out she was actually winking--a lot--at Jonathan

Caroline had said the day before, "I like Jonathan. He has a cute face." She was all grins when she was around him.

But there seems to be room in her heart for several boys. She still maintains that she loves Brode, age 2 ("he's such a cutie pie!"), and up until this August, she was going to marry him. But she also took a very strong liking to Jonathan's younger brother Josh, who is 13. After the wedding ceremony when the bridesmaids and groomsmen paired off to exit the sanctuary, Caroline walked hand in hand with Josh. It didn't take long for her to decide that he also had a cute face.

On the trip home from the wedding she decided that she was probably going to marry Josh. But--she added--she kind of wished that she was Molly's sister. And that Molly would shrink down and she would shrink up. So that way SHE could marry Jonathan.

If this is how it is at 4, I don't know what we will do with her at 16.

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  1. fI think you'd better start looking into all-girls schools now:)