Friday, July 10, 2009

Internet Savvy

This afternoon we were making tea and Caroline asked, "how does it make tea when it's just those white bags?" I told her that tea comes from a plant and those were tea leaves inside the bags. She asked some more questions about tea, and I had to tell her I just didn't have all the answers. I said, "Maybe we could read about it."

She said, "Yeah, maybe you could log on to it. Maybe you could look it up on Facebook."

Facebook?! I had to pop her and squeeze her several times for that.

I really don't know how that word is in her vocabulary. Jeff and I are both on Facebook but have never talked to her about it . . . don't even think we talk about it that much, period. But apparently the term has come up enough times for her to know something about it. We are realizing more and more nowadays that absolutely nothing gets by her.

She loves to play on Jeff's Ipod. The other morning before swim lessons, she picked it up and said she was going to check the weather. She informed me that it was sunny in Frisco that day and said, "let me see about Chicago." I thought she was just pretending to actually be checking anything, but she slid her finger across the screen and there was the Chicago forecast. Apparently, that's one of the locations Jeff has set up on the weather app and Caroline knows it.

I'm pretty sure it won't be too long before she's on Twitter. :)


  1. The next thing she'll be asking for is the Facebook app for the Ipod Touch!

  2. Great to see you blogging again!

  3. So glad to read your blog again...
    I feel like I get a tiny window into lives that I love so much. Miss you guys!

  4. I would TOTALLY follow Caroline's twitter feeds. Let me know when she gets on there!