Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Move

I guess it's for real now. Caroline and I have been here in Dallas with Jeff for the past week and we've looked at houses and duplexes for rent. It's been real to Jeff for a while now, as he's been working with this company since November and has travelled out here frequently. But I continue to say "maybe" or "it looks like" or "we might." We need to set a date and then it will be more definite.

Caroline is already on the lookout for friends. Today we went to Barnes and Noble and she kept an eye on any kid that crossed her path, just in case that kid might want to play with her. When she saw a little girl holding a Backyardigans stuffed figure, she informed her, "I watched that show last time." The little girl's back was to me, so I did not get her response. Caroline, though, continued with "I go on the website." I had to laugh. I knew that she understood she could play games on the computer but I didn't know she had picked up the actual terminology.

Here she is at a park in Frisco. When I told her to smile sweetly (instead of the way she was smiling), she said, "I'm smiling this way cause I want to smile like this." So this particular look is intentional. :)

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