Monday, July 9, 2007

For Real This Time . . .

I started this in February with high hopes but haven't done a thing with it. Tonight I have decided to change the name. Haven't put a lot of thought into it, really, but it won't be hard to top the first name. I actually had Jeff's on the first one, but he has informed me that he really isn't interested in being included in this. It was a dumb name anyway.

So--I read this article ("Open Books") in the July Issue of Real Simple about the different ways people keep journals and I really liked what one of the mothers featured does. She has a journal for all of her kids' funny sayings. I've actually been writing down Caroline's sayings for about as long as she's been talking, but they are not all in one place--sribbled on a loose sheet of paper, in my planner, on the fridge calendar . . . I think it's a great idea to have them all in a book--or on a blog. Or both, probably. Jeff/Caroline gave me a really cool journal for Mother's Day, so maybe I'll start by writing them there and then transfer them over.

I'll leave you with a recent picture. I put a full-length mirror in Caroline's new room, knowing it would amuse her for long periods of time. The other day she was all about changing her clothes and brushing her hair. This is her posing. :) I'll include the one of her duck too. She likes dressing up animals and dolls as well. I like the outfits she comes up with.

Family and friends that we just left--and those of you we haven't seen in a while--we love and miss you guys!!


  1. Very cute!! I never thought outside the box enough to dress my stuffed animals.

  2. What a pretty girl you are, sweet Caroline. I love you and your sweet mama too!! -- Aunt K

  3. I miss my Caroline!!! I miss you all. love ama

  4. love the dress up. I used to dress my stuffed animals up all the time when I was little.