Friday, July 13, 2007

"I hope you change your mind."

Yesterday morning Caroline was drilling me with questions, since that is part of her morning routine. "Can I have juice? What? Can I have cereal? What? Can I watch tv? Why? Can I have more juice? What are you getting ready for? Why? Where are we going? What? And then where? Why? Can we go to the park today? Why? Can we go swimming? Why???????"

It may seem that there are too many "whys" and "whats" in there and that they are out of context, but that is how she uses them! Any answer to a question may be followed by either what or why.

"Mommy, is my shoe on the wrong foot?"
"Caroline, why doesn't even fit there!!"
"It doesn't fit? What, mommy?"

So anyway, yesterday I told her it was time to change clothes. (What for? Where are we going? Are we going to a store?) While I was helping her on with her clothes, she said, "I know, let's go to the park!" I told her, "Well, I'm still trying to figure out what we're going to do. I think we'll go to the park tonight when it's not so hot." She smiled very sweetly, looked right in my face and said, "I hope you change your mind." It was such an agreeable way to disagree with my decision.

And this morning at breakfast she brought up the park again. I told her "We'll see," hoping not to go into it in length. She said again--very sweetly--"If you change your mind I will be very happy."

What is this about changing my mind? Does she think I do it a lot? Is she already on to me at the age of three?

We did go to the park (she's posing with the pond in the background in the picture above), but we didn't stay long because it was so hot. We'll come back to this one another time, I'm sure, because it has a neat play area and a nice atmosphere. This particular park was on my "List of Places to Check Out." I made a list of places I'd like to visit around the area when Caroline and I are out or we are wanting to get out of the house and just need somewhere to go. There is a lemonade shop on Main Street as well as a cool antique store. I like that Frisco has a small-town Main Street. It seems to be in the beginning stages of revitalization and I hope they keep it up.

Well, this post--like all the others--is very long so I will go and add more later. I'm sorry to write so much, but it's partly for me, as well as anyone who cares to read all of it (or 90% of it, as Jeff would do). It's been great hearing from people via comments. Caroline loves hearing from all of you and so do I! :)


  1. The inner workings of the 3 year old mind are endlessly entertaining to me...of course, if I had a 3 year old, I might feel differently sometimes:)


  2. It's okay, Caroline. Ben asks "What?" and "Why" all of the time! :)

  3. Caroline, I'm not sure why you think your mommy changes her is not a fmaily trait...wait a minute, maybe it I don't think so...well...

    When you are lonley, you can just hop a plane to CO! Molly will be down there in about a month too!!

    Love Aunt K

  4. I'm looking forward to the what's, why's and even going to the park.

    I also enjoy reading every word.

    Mom C