Thursday, July 12, 2007

"I like being best friends . . . with you, Mommy."

Caroline said this to me yesterday when we were eating lunch together. Sometimes I get her lunch ready and let her eat it at the table without me, but she always likes it best when I sit down across from her and eat with her, preferably eating the exact same thing she's eating (and you can bet if our menus differ in the slightest she will point it out and want to discuss it in length). The conversation can be tedious at times, but I try to remember that these are special times we won't always have together.

Well, yesterday she grinned at me really big in between bites and said the best friends bit. That was a bright spot in the day. It was a bit of a blah day up to that point and when I thought about what she said I realized that there was the answer to the looming question of what to do today--spend time with her. No matter how lonely either of us may feel here at times, we are together at least.

So--tonight we took a walk to the park in our neighborhood and, to Caroline's delight, three little boys showed up to play with her. They didn't know they were coming to play with her, but the minute they hopped into the swings next to her, she began talking to them. The oldest boy (I found out later) was 7, but Caroline doesn't care how old or young a potential friend might be. She said to him, "Look what I can do all by myself," referring to her newfound ability to keep swinging even when I'm not pushing her. He smiled at her, which I thought was nice of him.

A while later the two younger boys (both six) were on the jungle gym along with Caroline and when one of them walked towards her on the slide she said, "Oh no, oh no!" and started running in the opposite direction--towards the other boy. When she got to that boy, she did the same thing, squealing and heading for a middle exit. At the bottom of the jungle gym she waited to see if either of them would follow after her, and when one did the game was on. The three of them played chase for a good ten minutes all over the playground.

The mother of two of the boys sat on the bench next to mine and we talked a little. She said her family had just moved here about a year ago from Mexico, not far from Baja, CA. I enjoyed talking with her and hope to see her at the park again some evening.

In regards to some other boys that were at the park when we got there (teenagers playing basketball), Caroline said that she would like to do exercises and run like me (ha!) so she could have energy to play basketball like those basketball boys. :)


  1. What a sweet story! I'm glad you wrote it down for all of us:)

  2. Hello!
    Caroline is such a sweety. I wish I could meet her.

    So you are finally in the GREAT state of Texas :) Frisco is pretty cool and just think...there are thousands of things to do around there. Plus rodeos and fairs, they are the best. I'm thinking about you.

  3. Hey amber,
    Shanda sent me your blog so that I could catch up on little EC. How was the move and all that? I know all about moving to a place where you dont know anyone and how loney that can be. I felt that way in Knoxville and it was really hard-especially if you come from Greenville the city of a thousand people just like yourself. Hope that you find a good community of friends. Aaron and I are still in Annapolis and we are in the middle of buying our first house. WE ARE SO EXCITED. We close on the 24th of this month...
    good to see your girl.
    Angela Buehler

  4. I enjoy reading the "NEWS" and love the pictures. Can't wait to see you all!!!!

    Love Mom C

  5. Caroline,

    I went to the pool today and I saw my cousins. I danced today. I like your dance pictures. I miss you Caroline and I hope to see you one day, I will send you a card. I love you caroline and someday we will go to heaven and see Lindsey.


  6. Caroline, I love your dance stories...I would LOVE to see all the "moves" that you have learned so far. Brode has taken 5 steps at one time...I hope he will be walking soon, then he can really play with you. We are trying to make a date for his birthday so that he can have a party. What do you think would be a good theme for his party? We miss you Caroline!!

  7. Hey Amber! Laura and Carissa were talking about your blog today at church and they gave me the website. You are so creative with how you are keeping us posted about your family! I love the pictures and the stories about Caroline.
    Heard you may be coming to SC around Brode's birthday. Look forward to seeing you!

  8. Amber, this is a wonderful idea. I'm glad that you sent me the link info. Reading about your adventures made me miss you all even more. I'm thrilled that we'll see you soon! ~Michelle