Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Remembering Lindsey

Today marks one year since Caroline's special friend Lindsey Boehm went to Heaven to be with Jesus. She died unexpectedly last year on Tuesday, November 7, at the age of 5.

We had just met her family earlier that Spring when they began coming to our church. Caroline and the two girls (Lindsey's younger sister Cadence was three at the time) were instant friends. And Jeff, Jason, Laura, and I bonded at about the same rate. It was one of those situations where you become friends so quickly you can't believe you haven't known each other for years already.

When Lindsey died just six short months later, we were so thankful that we had met her when we did. I often wish that it had been even sooner and that I had a whole five-year's-worth of memories to draw from.

Lindsey was one of those people who was so full of life you can't quite grasp the concept of her losing it. But I have to remind myself that she really didn't--she just passed from this one to the next, and she is now enjoying eternal life with her Saviour.

Lindsey's mom has a blog and you can visit it at To read her testimony of God's goodness and love, and to see Lindsey's amazing funeral program, start at the November 2006 archives.

Here are some pictures from our "Lindsey Day" here in Texas today. We wrote some notes and took them to the local party store where we had them put inside helium balloons. We went to the park and let the balloons go up to Heaven where Lindsey can get our letters.

Caroline really wanted to send the movie 12 Dancing Princeses to Heaven, but we were afraid the balloon wouldn't float with that in it! :) She said she would pray to Lindsey and ask her if she wanted to see that movie. When I explained to her that we don't pray to Lindsey, but only to God, she said, "Then I will ask God to tell [ask] her, 'Lindsey, do you want to watch 12 Dancing Princesses?'"

Writing to Lindsey . . .
Getting ready to send the balloons . . .

Letting go . . .

On their way to Heaven . . .

Jason, Laura, and Cadence and all of your special family and friends-
we love you and are thinking of you!

To see some more pictures, try this link. It's from my Facebook account--I hope it works!


  1. So sweet! Tear-jerking, but very sweet.

  2. This past week a local family lost their son. I'd like to share this blog with them and they may want to contact the Boehms. Their faith is so encouraging...I know it would be a comfort. Caroline has a dear heart and will develop a character of compassion from her love for Lindsey.

  3. Such a sweet way to remember Lindsey. Thanks for sharing this, Amber. I'm praying for you guys and the Boehms.

  4. what a wonderful way to remember this day...

  5. Of course I am in tears now, but that is nothing new for me. We are so loved, by our Great, gracious God and he has given us such dear friends that love Lindsey and love us. Your remembering her this way is so special. We love you and miss you all. Tell Caroline that I think her letters look great!!

    Laura for all

  6. Amber, what a thoughtful way to remember Lindsey! Very moving. We are praying for the Boehms especially this week.