Saturday, March 22, 2008

Vacation Quotes

Speaking of vacation, if you want to see some pictures, click the Flickr link on the left and choose the "TN Vacation" set.

We got Caroline some new crocs and, while thanking us, she told us just how much she had needed the new ones. Her old ones didn't fit anymore on the heel, she said. The old ones were too small now since her feet had turned four.


Jeff asked Caroline, "Do you want to go horseback riding one of the days we're here?"

Caroline: "Yes! And cowback riding! That would be SO fun!"


Caroline would NOT quit talking (question after question after question) in the backseat of the car Saturday evening and I was kind of getting a headache. I said to her with mock amazement, "Caroline, your mouth just can't be quiet tonight, can it?" And she said, in the most agreeable tone, almost as if she were as "surprised" by it as I was, "No, I'm just so questionable."

This reminded me of a time last November when we were getting the car loaded up for a trip to North Carolina. We were getting out of the house a lot later than expected but still planning to drive through the night. It was already pretty late, so after I buckled Caroline into her carseat I handed her a pillow.

"What's this for?" she asked.

"So you can rest while we're driving because you'll be tired."

"No, I won't be tired--I'll be soooo askerful."

I smiled, wanting to just laugh out loud. "What's askerful?"

"You know, like ask a lot of questions."

Of course I knew. Anyone who has spent ANY amount of time with her knows. Even she knows. She describes herself better than anyone. Not inquisitive or curious--just very, very questionable and askerful.


  1. Hey amber! Its Katie Thomas. Caroline is so funny! It must be so great to be entertained all the time! I found you through Erin's blog. Sean and I would love to hang out with you guys again. maybe we could all get together and play that crazy game again.

  2. Looks like you guys had a blast! We are so ready for a vacation! Lily has missed seeing Caroline at church. We are going to have plan something fun together soon!