Thursday, June 12, 2008

Big News!

Someone got her ears pierced today! She is very pleased with her new look.

She also got a haircut (she was long overdue for a trim), but it's basically the same cut she has had before, so that's not quite as big of a deal. :)

She was the one that wanted to get her ears pierced and the one that initiated the going and doing it (to surprise dad when he gets back from his trip). She has requested it before but has always decided, "maybe another time," after talking really big to begin with.

Well, today was the day. She was definitely nervous and wanted to hold my hand. She really gave no reaction at all when they first went in. But she sat there for a little bit and decided it did hurt, after all. She reached for me and cried a little bit on my shoulder. That was hard--I was just glad I hadn't pushed her at all to do it.

She soon asked when she could take them out. :) She has left them alone, though, and doesn't seem to mind them now. In fact, she's rather pleased with the pictures we just took.

In other news, I have several other posts I'd like to write. There has been plenty going on--I just haven't stopped to write it on the computer. I'll try to get a few more things up in the next few days. There are some things she has said and done and some new interests I really want to write about and not forget.

And I think I'll do a little Father's Day post as well. I am wondering--if I ask Caroline what she loves about her dad, will she mention the word "chubby" at all, like she did when Jeff asked her what she loved about me?


  1. I love you, Caroline!! Congratulations on getting your ears pierced! I didn't get mine pierced til I was 13 years old. You are a very grown-up little girl. I showed Violet your picture and she smiled, then scrunched up her face and laughed. I think she really likes your earrings.

    Amber, her picture is so cute! I can see how proud she is. I want to do the same thing with V...take her as soon as she initiates. Sounds like a fun day!

  2. Congrats, Caroline! You'll have to tell me your favorite color so I can make you your very own earrings!!!!

    Love you!

  3. Congrats, Caroline! You look very grown up. I can't wait to see you in person!

  4. How cute! It makes he look so grown up.