Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"I need to be friends with those people so I can play on their swing."

Caroline asked me today, "How they (neighbors behind us) get a swing in their yard?" Hoping to not have a long drawn-out conversation I said, "I don't know." "How I get a swing in my yard?" "I don't know." Then she decided, "I need to be friends with those people so I can play on their swing." Good thinking. Her dad would be proud of her reasoning skills.

The friend situation is a huge deal for Caroline. The other day at Wendy's Jeff and I were laughing at her because she would not take her eyes off of the kids horsing around in the booth across from us, not even to dip her chicken nugget in the ketchup (meaning--she picked up the nugget, dipped it in the ketchup, and brought it to her mouth without looking). She was glued. Jeff asked her three times, "Is it really that interesting?" and she didn't hear him once. When kids are around, she just can't help herself.

Tomorrow she will have her first dance class. She is super excited. I'll put some pictures up tomorrow. It seems we could have gone a few different routes--she loves music, she loves jumping and tumbling, she loves doing karate chops and kicks, she loves catching, throwing, kicking, hitting, and she loves dancing. I guess we're going with the dance thing because the place is right down the road and it has a really flexible summer schedule. This is new territory for me--very girly--but it's not hard to be enthusiastic about it when she's in the little outfit . . . I want to squish her!

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  1. I can't wait to see pictures! This sounds like fun.