Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"I will point my toe like this."

It wasn't too hard to wake Caroline up this morning. I just had to ask a couple of times, "Caroline, do you want to go dance?" :)

She had a great time in her class. She was the only first-timer and was very attentive--wanting to know exactly what to do and how to do it. She had some of her own expectations as to what they would do in the class, though. After they were finished with the tap segment and almost through with the ballet segment, Caroline said, "Excuse me, um, can we hold onto that bar and do ballet?" As if they hadn't already been doing ballet! The teacher smiled and told the other teacher, "She wants to do bar work."

At the end of the class, each girl got some glitter on her hand. This seemed to signal to the other girls that class was over and they started towards the door. Caroline, on the other hand, stayed near the teacher, blew on her hand to dry the glitter, and asked, "Now what we gonna do?" When her teacher told her it was time to get her things and find her mommy, the lip started to quiver. Poor kid, she was having too much fun.

We met Jeff for lunch and sent him on his way (business trip to Maine for two days) and now we're home getting ready for naptime. I took a couple of pictures when we got here and the poses are all hers. She started with the hands up in the air one (below) and for the next one said, "I will point my toe like this" (notice the back foot above). She's still in her "princess clothes" and will probably want to sleep in them. :) If any of you get on here today and read this, be sure to send us a comment or email. It will be a little lonely with Jeff gone. We miss you all!

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  1. That is too awesome! Thanks for sending me the link. I'm loving the pics of Caroline in her dress.

    Tell her that if she sticks with dancing, she can compete on "So You Think You Can Dance" someday! haha

    Miss you guys!