Monday, October 29, 2007

She Makes Her Daddy Proud

Last week while we were driving in the car, Caroline said, "What day is today?"

"Friday," I told her.

"And then Saturday and then Sunday?"


"I know what comes on Sunday," she said proudly.

And I said, "Oh yeah, what's that?" totally expecting her to say "church."

"Football!" she said, excitedly.

"Oooh . . . yeah, you're right."

And then for some reason (I sensed an educational moment??) I added, "You know what, pro football is on Sunday and college football is on Saturday."

I expected her to respond with her earlier enthusiasm, but she just said, "I knowed that already--Dad told me."

Yes, of course, that is so old news.


This past Tuesday, Jeff took Caroline to the Mavericks/Bulls game and so the night before we had to run to the mall to get her a jersey. Jeff was hoping to get her a Bulls jersey, but--since he couldn't find one--he got her the next best thing, another Chicago team's jersey, which she is extremely proud of.

When they got home Tuesday night, I asked her what she did at the game and she said, "Sawed a lot of girls!"

Um, okay? Jeff assured me that she saw all of these girls not with him but while sitting in the front with his boss and boss' brother, who have season tickets on the floor and didn't really mind the female attention Caroline attracted. :) Apparently, she got the royal treatment. She got a VIP pass to eat in the suite and get cotton candy . . .

she got a special visit from the mascot,

and spent a while on the jumbo tron.
Jeff says he just hopes she doesn't expect this at every game.


  1. So funny! She's definitely going to have high standards for future sporting events!

  2. Ben thinks the guy in the background on the jumbo-tron looks like him! :)

    Caroline is way too cute. She deserved all that attention!

  3. I love the Urlacher jersey. Our twins have the same ones.I did not know you guys were Chicago fans. We had the same conversation with the twins about Sunday/football. It was kind of weird reading it because that was their exact same response. Sounds like you guys are adjusting to life in Texas. I know Jason and Laura and Cadence miss you being in SC. (if you don't remember who were are - we are Jason's sister and brother-in-law)

  4. Of course we remember you. :) That's funny about the twins. It's amazing how much they retain, isn't it? You can really teach them anything!

    We're Chicago fans because Jeff is from the area. He grew up in Schaumburg. Caroline already sings the "Go Cubs Go" song (that I didn't even know existed) and Jeff is always trying to add to her Chicago sports knowledge, of course!